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Product Matrix

This page seeks to capture all products or solutions, past and present, that have been created to objectively measure Parkinson's Disease. Most of the products listed below were created without any support from the Kinetics Foundation.

The table is not directly editable but each product's page is. If you know of a product you would like added to this wiki, please e-mail wiki@kineticsfoundation.org and we will add it in as appropriate. Also, we welcome you to register and contribute to the wiki by directly editing the copy for each product listed.

Company Product Development Stage Clinically Validated Endpoints Sensor Types Delivery and Reporting Price Regulatory Approval Reimbursement Contact
Kinetics Foundation OPDM Research Dexterity and Mobility Accelerometers, Gyroscopes, Magnetometers Web Based Grant None Email
APDM Mobility Lab Commercial TUG and Balance/Sway Accelerometers, Gyroscopes, Magnetometers Wireless or Memory $3,499-$16,499 None No Email
Great Lakes NeuroTech Kinesia HomeView Commercial Tremor and Bradykinesia Accelerometers, Gyroscopes Wireless and Web Based $3,490 FCC, FDA, CE, Canadian Yes Email
Motus Bioengineering Motus Movement Monitor Commercial Gyroscope Wireless None Email
FlexAble Systems Tremorometer Commercial Tremor Accelerometers USB and Software Based $595 FDA Yes Email
McRoberts MoveTest Commercial Tug, Gait, and Sway Accelerometers, Gyroscopes Wireless and Web Based None Email